Manhole Stacker

Pinnacle’s Manhole Stackers are strong enough to handle the pressure from unstable soil conditions and provide a safe space for workers and protect them from a trench collapse. Whether digging the foundation for a building or laying pipes or wires, manhole stackers ensure worker safety and play a major role in the prevention of cave-ins and injuries.

*Images may feature optional components. Variations between the images and the actual equipment do exist, primarily with appurtenance locations, sizes, and quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Determine Correct Size

To determine the right size of manhole box for your job answer the questions below.

Review the tables and information which accompany our specific products.

Always refer to manufacturer’s serialized specific tabulated data and all applicable safety standards prior to each use.

What kind of job is it?  

Sewer, repair, water main, manhole, pump station, bore pit, etc.

Depth of cut?

Soil conditions?

B-soils (45 lbs per foot of pressure)

C-60 soils (60 lbs per foot of pressure)

C-80 soils (80 lbs per foot of pressure)

Determine Spreader Length

If working with pipe, what is the outside diameter of the pipe?

Pinnacle recommends that the trench shield to be at least 12” wider than the pipe.

Determine Trench Shield Length

If working with pipe, what is the length of the pipe sections?

Pinnacle recommends that the trench shield be 2’ – 4’ longer than the pipe.

Determine Maximum Weight of Trench Shield System

Determine the working operation weight of excavator being used at job site and divide it by 5. This number would provide you with the maximum weight you excavator can handle.

When selecting shield size the weight should include the spreaders. 

Installation Instructions

Step 1
Lay wall A of manhole box flat on the ground with the collars facing up as shown
Step 2
Place each spreader on the collar one at a time as shown and insert pin and place keeper, make sure pin keeper in facing towards the bottom of shield as shown
trench box
Step 3
Take wall B place over the top of the spreaders a shown and pin into place with keeper towards the bottom
Step 4
Take your rigging place on top lifting eyes inside as shown and left to stand
trench boxbedding box